Exam Adjustments: Important information for Disabled Students with ISPs


If you require disability related reasonable adjustments for written exams, the appropriate recommendations need to be agreed upon and added to your Individual Support Plan (ISP) in advance. If you do not currently have an ISP or your ISP needs to be updated, please make an appointment with a Disability Adviser as soon as possible.

Your faculty are responsible for implementing the exam adjustments outlined in your ISP. 

Depending on the format of your exams, it may be that you do not require / want all of the adjustments on your ISP for all exams. Supports such as Readers / Scribes, separate rooms or alternative format exam papers, if required will need to be arranged in advance. Please discuss your exam requirements with your Course/ Module Leader as soon as possible, so that they can make the necessary arrangements. 

For further information on disability-related exam adjustments, please see https://disability.southwales.ac.uk/ISP/

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