Deaf Awareness Week 2022 - how can you be Deaf-friendly?

Deaf Awareness Week 2022

Deaf Awareness Week is run on an annual basis by the UK Council on Deafness and takes place between 2nd – 8th May 2022. The theme for this year is Deaf Inclusion - exploring the inclusion of Deaf people within our community. The aim is to highlight the impact of hearing loss on everyday life and increase visibility and inclusion of Deaf people. 

Every Deaf person is different. Levels of hearing loss, communication methods and use of hearing technology can vary widely. It’s important to remember this and find out what everyone’s individual needs are so you can make sure everyone is included in whatever you are doing together.

Talking to your Deaf friends

According to the National Deaf Children's Society, here are five top tips for communicating with your Deaf friends: 

  1. Get their attention. Try waving or tapping their shoulder.
  2. Speak normally. Not too slowly or too loudly.
  3. Face them when you talk. Make sure they can see your mouth.
  4. Use your hands. Point at what you’re talking about.
  5. Keep trying! Try texting on your phone or writing a message down. 

Being more Deaf-friendly

Whether you’re a friend, relative or you work with Deaf people, there’s lots of simple things you can do to be more Deaf-friendly. Check out the video below to see how!

Additionally, USW will be hosting a talk by Dr Paddy Ladd, famous author and academic, exploring Deaf Culture, Deafhood and Deaf Awareness. This will take place on Tuesday 3rd May between 1-2.30pm. To book your place, check out the event

Share your story

If you are a Deaf person and want to get involved with Deaf Awareness Week, share your activity on social media using the hashtags #lnclusionDeafness and #MyDeafStory. 

Further resources

Disability at USW - to explore the resources and help available for Deaf students at USW

British Deaf Association - for help understanding British Sign Language

Royal Association for Deaf People  - for resources for Deaf people, families and professionals and access to the RAD Wellbeing live chat. 

National Deaf Children's Society Youtube Channel - for simple British Sign Language tips and vlogs from Deaf young people. 

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