Exam Adjustments: Important information for Disabled Students with ISPs


If you require specific disability related reasonable adjustments for written exams, the appropriate recommendations need to be agreed upon and added to your Individual Support Plan (ISP) in advance of your exams. 

If you do not currently have an ISP or your ISP needs to be updated, please make an appointment with a Disability Adviser as soon as possible.

Due to COVID 19, the university has adapted its delivery model for the current academic year to a blended learning model. As a result, many assessments, which were onsite exams / in class tests, are currently being delivered as online assessments. Your faculty are responsible for implementing the exam adjustments outlined in your ISP where applicable (N.B. Exam Adjustments apply to formal written exams and time-bound written in-class tests only).

If you have any questions or concerns about your online assessments, please discuss them with your Course/ Module Leader in the first instance.

Reader Scribe Support

If you usually receive support from a Reader or Scribe in onsite exams (as agreed in your ISP), your faculty can arrange for equivalent support to be provided online. Please discuss your requirements with your Course/ Module Leader so that they can make the necessary arrangements

The following provides guidance on how to access Scribe/typist support through Microsoft Teams:

If your ISP currently contains a recommendation for Reader/ Scribe support, but you no longer require this support or do not want this support for online exams, please make an appointment with a Disability Adviser so that your ISP can be reviewed and updated.

For further information on disability-related exam adjustments, please see Disability – Getting Started.

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