Dyslexia Screening and Assessments

Students with Dyslexia or other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) can access a range of support and equipment during their time at University. More information about Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and other SpLDs can be found on the British Dyslexia Association website.

If you have Dyslexia, another Specific Learning Difficulty or Disability , please register with the Disability Service and  make an appointment with a Disability Adviser.

If you are studying at one of our partner colleges please contact your college.

Quickscan Screener

If you are a USW student and you suspect that you may have dyslexia, the Disability Service can offer free on-line screening and help to arrange a full diagnostic assessment.

QuickScan is a free and confidential online screener, which can identify signs of dyslexia or other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). The screening takes approximately 20 minutes to complete (You will be asked to provide an ID number - please use your USW Student ID number).

If your Quickscan feedback indicates characteristics of Dyslexia, the next step is to have a diagnostic assessment.

Diagnostic Assessment

If you are studying at one of our partner colleges please contact your college.

The Disability Service co-ordinates Diagnostic SpLD (Dyslexia) Assessments on USW's South Wales campuses, in partnership with a pool of free-lance Assessors. The cost of a Diagnostic Assessment is £300.

Enrolled USW students studying a minimum of 60 credits in 20/21 or 21/22 academic years, may be eligible to receive a free internal assessment with support from the Diagnostic Testing Bursary. Please note that the Bursary fund is limited and assistance with assessment fees is not guaranteed. Students who do not qualify for the Bursary, may be able to apply for assistance with assessment fees from the Student Support Fund.

If you would like to have a Diagnostic assessment, please register with the Disability Service and complete our Assessment Request Form. Our Assessments team will contact you to discuss your assessment options within 5 working days.

Please note: The University does not provide screening or diagnostic services in relation to ADhD, Austism Spectrum Conditions or other mental health, sensory or physical disabilities. We recommend that you discuss such concerns with your GP in the first instance and seek an appropriate NHS referral.

Following your Diagnostic Assessment

  • You will usually receive your assessment report within 10 working days of your assessment. 
  • Please ensure that you save your assessment report somewhere secure for future use. The due to data protection regulations, the Disability Service will only retain a copy of your report whilst you are a USW student and for a short period afterwards.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your assessment report, please contact your assessor (whose contact details will be on your report).
  • Once you have received your report, please  make an appointment with a Disability Adviser to discuss any support requirements and relevant next steps.