Disabled Students Allowances

UK Students with on-going health conditions, disabilities, mental health or specific learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia) can usually apply for funding through the Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) to pay for personal assistance and equipment to support their studies.

Student Finance England have produced the following video to explain what DSA is and how it works:

DSA is allocated to eligible students in addition to the standard student funding package and do not have to be repaid (as long as you complete the course).

If you are eligible for this allowance, a Disability Adviser will help you apply; if you are not eligible a Disability Adviser will assist you with other possible sources of support.

For more information about DSA Eligibility and the application process please visit:

Your DSA
Student Finance Wales
Student Finance England
Student Awards Agency for Scotland
Student Finance Ireland
Student Finance Northern Ireland
NHS Wales – Tel: 029 2019 6167

Needs Assessment

If your Funding Body accept your application for the DSA, they will request that you arrange Needs Assessment to explore your disability related requirements. You can find details of all registered access centers at the NNAC website

When your Needs Assessment report is finalised, a copy will be sent to your Funding Body, who will consider the recommendations and write to you directly to inform you of what support they will fund. Once you have received your final report, please book an appointment with a Disability Adviser to discuss the outcome of the report and how to put the recommended support in place.

Note: your DSA support package is likely to include a variety of goods and services which will be provided by a number of different suppliers (Student Finance will decide which suppliers are approved to provide each item and will notify you in writing). Selected suppliers will not be notified by Student Finance that they have been authorised to provide support.

It is your responsibility to liaise with the selected suppliers to initiate and manage your support. USW is in no way responsible for DSA funded support provided by external suppliers.