Sensory Safe Space

The Wellbeing and Disability team want to welcome you to our new sensory safe space, a pilot project running in Treforest campus (H016) with hopes to roll the spaces out to all campuses by next academic year. 

Designed for staff and students alike, the space can be used alone or in small groups (covid restrictions currently apply) and is open access with use of ID card. Sensory spaces have been proven to calm anxiety and create a safe space amongst the hustle and bustle of university life.

As the project runs over the next term we will slowly build the space around the feedback and ideas of the users but it currently features a comfortable seating area, a variety of sensory stimulating objects and adjustable lighting to suit individual mood and needs. 

We would love you to come and experience the space and hopefully find a release to some of the pressure of university life, as well as offer feedback on how we can grow and develop the area.